That was the first word I spoke on stage back in 2007.

It was at the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow. The act was billed as "Chris Young and Fernando - the amazing talking parrot". At first I resented being exploited by Chris, who claimed that he had trained me (!), and I didn't feel like saying much more than that. Then I took pity on both him and the pretty audience (who really didn't have much to laugh at) and I started to play along...

Well, I stole the show! Since then, I have taught him everything he knows. I have performed duets with him, I have demonstrated my amazing psychic powers, and I have performed in a magic show at Glasgow's Merchant City Festival. Along the way, we had the privilege of opening for the band EELS on their 2010 Scottish tour. We have also been featured on BBC Radio Scotland, being interviewed by Janice Forsyth on her Comedy Café, as well as presenting Comedy Zone.

I have lots more projects planned over the next few months, so do watch this space!

In the mean time, I am willing to make personal appearances if you make it worth my while...

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